Welcome to the ultimate NFT for the ultimate sports fan! Only certain NFTs are worthy of Greatest Of All Time status, and we are one of them! The Gambling GOATS is a community for passionate sports fans to discuss, collect and gamble on our favorite pastime….sports. 

Hit The Jackpot!

The Gambling GOATS are here to graze for a long time and ensure that our passionate sports and NFT community flourishes. Our goal is to make The Gambling GOATS into a brand! We will always look to bring long term value to every Gambling GOATS member! You get V.I.P. access to a club that will increase overtime in not just members but in benefits, value and utility. 

Instant Utility! Get it all now!

We have partnered with several of the most well-respected sports companies and will continue to add more. With your Gambling GOATS NFT, you are in our All-Star Club that gives you exclusive offers from our casino and our sports memorabilia partners. So Lets Play Ball.

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Game Plan 1.0

Our goal is to provide as much value as we can to our members. The Gambling GOATs are here to graze for a long time and ensure that our passionate community flourishes.
  • Grow The Herd through building community with discord and social media channels.

  • Mint 1: Genesis 5,000 Gambling GOATS

  • GOAT Store: Gambling GOAT gear plus custom gear for your GOAT NFT!

  • Exclusive sports memorabilia giveaways!

  • Mint 2: Special Edition Gridiron Greats

  • Mint 3: Special Edition Diamond GOATS

  • Mint 4: A new Genesis 5,000 NFT Collection

  • Game Plan 2.0

    We have a lot of surprises planned after our initial mint. We are building a long-term community that will bring fun and utility to our passionate sports fan NFT holders! More partners, more utility, more sports!


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Meet Your Starting Line-Up

Chris Berry

Chris Berry

Co-Founder - Project Lead/Marketing

Chris brings over 25 years of sports marketing and project management experience to the team. His vast sports background includes marketing for the NBA, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers and the Philadelphia Phillies to name a few. And yea he worked in the basement of the Vet. Chris can be found Saturday’s watching his Seminoles and Sundays his Eagles. #GoBirds

Gary Rein

Gary Rein


Gary is currently the CEO of a Financial Software Consulting firm. He also has launched several successful startup companies. Gary enjoys fishing and driving exotic sports cars in his spare time. He has been married for 35 years and has 3 grown children. NY football Giants are his boys!

Adam Rein

Adam Rein

Co-Founder - Art Direction

Adam is a graphic artist that provides the highest quality design with vector and raster-based graphics for over 5 year. He as the utmost attention to detail and will go the distance in order to achieve the best outcome through an efficient process. Adam also believes in effective communication in or to complete customer satisfaction. Adam’s favorite teams are the Dolphins and Marlins.

Joseph Wise

Joseph Wise


Joseph is a recently retired state contractor, for over thirty-five years. He is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur, starting a business from the back of a truck, growing to a multimillion-dollar enterprise. The business continues to thrive under new ownership. Joseph believes that customer service and reputation are the keys to success. Joe enjoys guitar and is an avid Boston sports fan.


The team is fully doxed and you can see each of our bios above or talk to us on discord!

Yes, we will have details on how to join our white list soon.

A collection of 5,000 NFTs for the ultimate sports fan living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, you can purchase a Gambling GOAT NFT with a CC or Ethereum.

We would love to hear from you! Please send your info to

We are always looking to grow the herd. Please send your info to

The Gambling GOATS will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

No, you cannot use the Gambling GOATS logo or name without expressed permission.

You can reach out to us on discord, LinkedIn through our bios or email us at

Each hold is given ownership and commercial rights of their NFT(s). You may not use the Gambling GOATA name or logo without permission.